Genesis 4-7

Jason Barrett
A lot happens in these chapters. Our story considers the first murder in history as Cain kills Abel. It seems this will set a precedent for the idea that the righteous often suffer at the hands of the wicked.

The ancient audience would have been on the edge of their seat, realizing the death of Abel was the death of hope.It appears evil has won – not only won, but is now prospering as Cain’s lineage gains cities, harnesses livestock, creates music, and learns to make things with metal.

But Seth is born. Hope is reborn!

Additionally, we hear of “sons of God” for the first time, but we will see them again in Job 1 and 2 where it is clear they are supernatural beings. It is likely here that the “sons of God” in Genesis 6:4 are evil supernatural beings called “elohim” who see God’s plan with humanity and attempt to thwart it by taking human wives and polluting the bloodline.

When humanity becomes too evil and only a flicker of hope exists in one good family, Noah’s, we see God work to keep the course of history moving towards the redemption of humanity.

Like the story of Adam and Eve, some do not take the flood to be a literal story and others are not sure if it was global. Like the creation account, regardless of how one sees the facts working out, what matters most are the lessons in these stories.

Twice, when it seems like hope is lost, God shows that he will either birth new hope with the death of the old or he will look through all the darkness, to that last flicker of hope, and work to fan that small spark into a new direction.