Job 38-41

Jason Barrett
Job and his friends have had their theology challenged by the younger view of Elihu, speaking through the Spirit of God.

Eliphaz had claimed to have prophetic knowledge, but nothing backed up his claim. However, God is going to show up and back up what Elihu just shared.

God reinforces Elihu’s claim that Job spoke without wisdom (Job 34:35; 35:16; 38:2).

Also, that Job defended himself and implicated God (Job 32:2; 40:2, 8).

And God continues in chapter 38 the mysteries and marvels of creation that Elihu started in chapter 37.

Elihu’s claim to speak on God’s behalf is supported by God, and even a repentant Job never speaks against Elihu as Job did to his other three friends.

One great lesson here is that we are never too old to learn more, and we should not dismiss the messenger through which our knowledge might come.