Job 3-4

Jason Barrett
At the end of chapter 2, three friends show up to support Job in his suffering – Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar.

Now, Satan had claimed that Job would curse God if Job suffered. However, while Job curses the day he was born, and he certainly asks hard questions we all have about God and how things in life work, Job refuses to curse God in chapter 3 as he vents his misery and depression.

Eliphaz is Job’s first friend to respond to Job’s verbalizing of his agony. Eliphaz reminds Job of how much Job has supported others, saying, “Your words have supported him who was falling, you have made firm the weak knees” (4:4).

But Eliphaz goes on, “[And] now trouble comes to you, and you faint. It touches you, and you are disturbed” (4:5).

How many of us can relate to Job that we can be there for others and help them be strong, but that doesn’t mean we are invincible?

It can seem much easier to support others than to be there for ourselves. This is often the nature of experiencing suffering. We are able to find kind and patient words for those around us, but many of us struggle in our own suffering to give ourselves those same words. Our self-talk can often be impatient, judgmental, and condescending – much like the words of Eliphaz will play out.