Job 18-31

Jason Barrett
As the dialogue between Job and his friends continues, they grow upset with Job’s claim of innocence. They are convinced Job is covering something up or refusing to acknowledge the truth.

Job defends his innocence. However, since Job agrees with his friends that God rewards the good and punishes the bad, Job’s claim of innocence is placing the blame of injustice on God.

Job is claiming that God is acting unjustly by punishing the undeserving. Further, Job wants an answer from God about what is going on and why.

So far, God doesn’t answer.

Job’s belief system is in upheaval as his experience is conflicting with what he thinks he knows. Job is confused, seeking wisdom, and yet remains standing by his innocence.

This is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable places to be in life – having one’s world turned upside down, thinking you knew how things worked but now you aren’t sure, and the answers aren’t coming.

When answers don’t come, our imagination can run wild and we can lose sight of what we do know.

It is here that anxiety will battle faith.